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Studies have shown the importance of support  for ongoing success when undergoing a transition or change. Just witness the timely trend of hiring lifestyle coaches for this purpose. We consider FitPath an intensive form of coaching. While you are with us, each day is structured for you to begin making adjustments to your habits and patterns. You eat breakfast at the same time every day. You exercise every day. Your guides coach you every day on the trails. Personal consultations are readily available with our dietitian and our fitness expert.

Though, what happens when you go home? How do you continue that ongoing support? FitPath’s discussion board was created with this in mind. Topics such as nutrition, fitness and stress are covered. It’s an opportunity to  reconnect and stay connected with fellow “FitPathers”. Other possibilities for support such as journal writing and goal setting are discussed during the lectures. Our ongoing commitment is to provide you with the tools to continue to create the changes you desire.

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